BEA Week Recap: The Big Box O’ Books

June 11, 2012 My Ramblings 3

My Big Box O’ Books was finally delivered today! And, the UPS man thought my doormat was magical.

See how well it’s hidden? You wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t pointed it out.

But here’s the part you guys have all been waiting for. Technically, I brought home 73 books! 73! One of them, however, is a “Quilter’s Tips and Tricks” mini-book and another is a Star Wars pop-up book. Neither of those is listed on my BEA Goodreads list.

The total haul. Not Pictured: Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent. My mom already spirited that one away!


The far left stack is from the Book Bloggers Conference: Darker Still, Agorafabulous!, Then Came You, Hemingway’s Girl, The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano

The second from the left stack are my “Must Have” books: Shadow of Night, Red Rain, The Diviners, Insurgent, Carnival of Souls, Shadow Bound (not pictured: Before I Wake)

To see my full list of BEA 2012 books, click here.


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  1. Alexia561

    Nice haul! I brought home roughly the same amount of books, but have them separated in three different piles, in different rooms, so DH doesn’t catch on how many books I actually brought home. *L*

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