Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison (The Hollows #1)

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Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison (The Hollows #1)

I recently finished re-reading the first book in Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series. I was struck by how young all of the characters seemed! I had forgotten how Rachel and Ivy struggled with each other in the beginning. I had forgotten that Jenks hadn’t always been a part of Rachel’s team. I had forgotten Rachel met Nick at the rat fights. And most of all, I had forgotten how mean Trent was!

It all felt as if it were a lifetime ago.

Dead Witch Walking sets up the series. We’re introduced to a lot of characters. Rachel and Ivy both leave their jobs at the I.S. and start their own agency. It’s this agency that is the foundation for the whole series. This book also sets up the world that Rachel lives in: 40 years after the angel virus mutated through genetically modified tomatoes and wiped out a third of humanity, supernaturals (Inderlanders) are no longer hiding. The world wouldn’t have been able to function and regrow if they hadn’t stepped forward.

Rachel gets into a lot of trouble, not only because the I.S. has a contract on her head for leaving, but because she’s just… Rachel. Getting into trouble is what she does. And she does it very well.

It felt kind of surreal re-reading this one not long after reading the most recent release The Undead Pool. The characters have grown and developed SO MUCH over the years.

I definitely enjoyed going back to the beginning


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  1. Celine

    I reread the first one pretty soon after the seventh/eight book, and it was SO different! Ms Harrison does such a great job on character growth throughout the series, without them losing what makes them unique. Can’t wait to reread Dead Witch Walking for a second time, this time for the Reading Challenge (:

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