About Mandi Kaye

me2011I learned how to read when I just three years old. Yes, you read that correctly – I was only three. When I got to Kindergarten and the rest of the class was struggling with Dick and Jane, I was reading Little House on the Prairie. Those are actually the first books I can remember reading because I got in trouble for reading them. You see, I was supposed to be reading about Dick, Jane, and Spot with the rest of the class and my teacher didn’t believe me when I told her I could read the much more substantial series. She thought I had memorized it by listening to someone read it to me and was lying to her (Seriously. What 4 or 5 year old is going to lie about that?).

It took a parent-teacher conference for my mom to convince her of my abilities and my passion.

I was the girl who stayed inside all the time with my nose in a book. I never went outside. Outside is where the sun and the bugs live. Inside is where the books live.

When I needed to be punished for something (which, lets face it, was usually because I was reading instead of doing my chores), more often than not my parents took away my books and library card rather than ground me or give me more chores – and I was subsequently made to go play outside instead of spending my time alone with my books. I was the girl who was punished by being made to go outside to play! Yes, this actually happened.

It was quite dreadful.

In middle school, my girl scout troop met across the street from the library. Every week I would get dropped off an hour early so I could spend the time at my most favorite place in the universe. I’d always show up to the meetings with bags brimming with books and each week my troop-mates (and sometimes the leaders!) would scoff and insist it was impossible for anyone to read that much.

But I did. And I still do.

This passion has remained with me as I have entered my adult years. And it just feels selfish to keep it to myself.

I read so many books, of all different genres (though okay – I won’t lie – I am partial to YA), that I want to share them with you.

It’s possible I over-share. Especially on Twitter. But you’ll get my thoughts, my reviews, my favorite quotes, and favorite classics shared with you because I’ve spent too many years just reading the books without sharing them too.*

*What’s that? You wanted to know more about me? As in who is this person behind the computer screen? Well. I was in my twenties when I started this blog. Now I’m not. Wharrgarbl. I also have an MLIS that I don’t use to be a librarian because I decided I love databases. I’m a geek, I know. My dream in life is to own an independent bookstore.