Review: Caterpillar by Kate Oliver (YA Bound Tour) + Giveaway!

June 18, 2012 Blog Tour, Review 3 ★★★★

Review: Caterpillar by Kate Oliver (YA Bound Tour) + Giveaway!

Review: Caterpillar by Kate Oliver (YA Bound Tour) + Giveaway!Release Date: April 9, 2012
Title: Caterpillar
Series: The Metamorphosis Trilogy #1
Author: Kate Oliver
Pages: 283
Source: YA Bound Tours
From the Publisher: In a small college town in northern California, a lonely young man is working himself to the bone to solve a sixty-year-old problem ... a stranger with a will of iron and eyes the color of ice is searching for someone he can't identify ... and a girl who loves plants is about to grow roots of her own.

When Cara Gallagher's parents are transferred overseas again, she's off to spend her senior year of high school living with her sister, a graduate student at the famed McNair University. Cara, a girl with a passion for science and an indifference to people, hopes this move will be her first step in claiming the independence she craves. Cara has her future planned down to the letter: her college, her major, her career.

Then she saves Will Mallory's life, and both of their futures are completely rewritten.

The last years of Will's life have been spent shifting from one identity to the next, dodging the FBI, and trying desperately to find a way home. But Will's home is forty-four light years away, and to reach it he'll have to outwit the man who's hunting him--and leave behind the only love he's ever known.
4 Stars

Without a doubt, this was the most surprising book I’ve read all year.

The cover was very iffy to me (yes, I most definitely judge books by their covers) but the summary sounded sort of interesting so I thought I would give it a try.

I am so glad I did.

From the moment I began reading, I knew this was going to be a one-sitting book. And it was! I simply couldn’t put it down.

Cara is very much a main character I can relate to. She is a loner – primarily because she moved so much as a child (her dad works for the Foreign Service). She is certain she will never know love in her life. She has mapped out her future already. And then… she meets the love of her life.

Though Will is an alien, this is not truly a Sci-Fi novel; it is most decidedly a romance.

And if, like me, you are a hopeless romantic, you will absolutely not be disappointed by Caterpillar. Though it did fall into that category of “instant LOVE” that is usually a pet peeve of mine, it totally worked here for some reason. It felt real. I think I fell in love with Will as much as Cara did. In fact – if I hadn’t already submitted all of my nominations, I’d totally nominate Will in the YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney.

It can definitely be a standalone book, but it is the first book of the Metamorphosis Trilogy.

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