Review: Lasso the Stars by L.L. Nielsen (TLC Book Tour)

September 18, 2012 Blog Tour, Review 4 ★★★

Review: Lasso the Stars by L.L. Nielsen (TLC Book Tour)Release Date: February 7, 2012
Title: Lasso the Stars
Author: L.L. Nielsen
Pages: 260
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Source: TLC Book Tours
Available: Barnes and Noble
From the Publisher: Dina's life is nearing its end. But for Dina, the end is really just the beginning. For months, she's been fighting terminal cancer. She's finally resigned herself to preparing for the end. Her last few weeks are going to be with her sisters, sharing the happy memories of a life well spent.

Men are the last thing on her mind. That is, until an afternoon walk along a dusty, country road brings her face to face with an angel. Only this angel is nothing like Dina ever pictured angels would be. 'The man had an easy-going smile. A pair of aviator sunglasses rested on his nose. His dusty Levi's covered long legs that ended in well-worn cowboy boots...He stepped down off the gate and held his hand out. 'Gil.''

Preferring boots and spurs to harps and wings, Gil takes Dina horseback riding. She begins to feel new energy surge through her. And before she realizes it, Dina falls head over heels for Gil. Gil is falling for her too, but his secret identity may get in the way of his feelings.

Gil knows he can't hide who he is for much longer. But how can he tell her? Are angels even allowed to fall in love with humans? When Gil leaves to find answers, Dina is devastated. She confides in her sisters, but they think her cancer meds made her dream up the whole relationship. Even though Dina knows the truth, she's growing weaker every day, and the only one who can help her has disappeared.

Will tonight's sky be the last one she looks upon? Or will Gil Lasso the Stars for Dina?
3 Stars

Between the publisher’s blurb and the short prologue, there was absolutely nothing left to the imagination about what this book was about, which is one of the reasons I ended up very firmly in the “meh” camp when I finished it.

On the surface, this book is a good one. The story is a cute romance. Dina is very likable. The romance was somewhat believable, despite my dislike of Gil.

Gil. Let’s talk about Gil. I hated Gil. No, that’s not true. Gil was an amazing guy. I mean, he was an angel after all. But he was an angel who did not know the proper way to use the word “y’all” and it was written on every other page. It was distracting. It made me want to put the book down on more than one occasion. And it made me hate reading the passages where Gil spoke.

Quick lesson in Southern grammar.

Y’all = you all.

It is never appropriate to use it when speaking to a single individual about that single individual (example: Gil, to Dina: “Do y’all like apple pie?”). That is wrong, wrong, WRONG! And it was quite literally used every single time Gil spoke. It was distracting to the point that I just could not enjoy the book.

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  1. L. L. Nielsen

    You are correct. Sorry about the incorrect use of y’all. My friend from Mississippi uses y’all when she talks only to me and my friend from North Carolina does the same but during the editing of Lasso the Stars my editor said all the things you mentioned. Guess it was my choice to stay with y’all.

    I hope that you could still enjoy parts of the story line.

    Thanks for reading the book and for your comments.

    L. L. Nielsen

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