Review: Silver by Talia Vance (Bandia #1)

August 15, 2012 Review 2 ★★★

Review: Silver by Talia Vance (Bandia #1)Release Date: September 8, 2012
Title: Silver
Series: Bandia #1
Author: Talia Vance
Pages: 384
Publisher: Flux Books
Available: Barnes and Noble
From the Publisher: An Irish heritage, Celtic myth, and deadly beauty.

In eighth grade, Brianna did something so dreadful she was suspended and homeschooled. No one could explain what happened that night . . . except Brianna's Irish grandmother, who gave her a silver charm bracelet and told her to wear it until she turned seventeen. Ever since she slipped it on, Brianna has felt like she's invisible. People stare right past her as if she doesn't exist. And that includes Blake Williams, the one boy she can't resist.

But everything changes in one frozen, silver moment when Blake sees her--and recognizes what she's been hiding. Brianna is descended from Danu, the legendary Bandia of Celtic myth. Yet before she can fully understand who or what she is, Brianna accidentally binds her soul to Blake--whose tribe has spent the last thousand years hunting Danu's descendants to protect humanity.
3 Stars

This story had such wonderful potential, but it fell so woefully short. Nothing was ever fully explained. The mythology behind who or what Brianna was never got explained – though we did get two conflicting versions of it. The magic behind her charm bracelet was obviously very powerful and supposed to be important to the story, but we never found out why – and by the end of the book Brianna’s birthday had come and gone, rendering the bracelet obsolete.

In short, the whole thing was a hot mess.

But it was still an entertaining read. Would I read it again? Probably not. Will I read more of the series? Probably not. Unless it happens to be on Netgalley during a time when I’m stretching for books to read. I’ve seen other reviews from folks who have loved the story – but I just can’t get past the lack of cohesion to enjoy it enough to continue.

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    • Mandi Kaye

      I’m sad I didn’t like it when so many did! But you can’t win ’em all. Oh well. 🙂

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