Author: Carol M. Tanzman


Review: dancergirl by Carol Tanzman

November 14, 2011 Review 2 ★★★

Review: dancergirl by Carol TanzmanRelease Date: November 15, 2011
Title: dancergirl
Author: Carol M. Tanzman
Pages: 248
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Source: ARC Tour
From the Publisher: Ever feel like someone's watching you? Me, too. But lately it's been happening in my room.

When I'm alone.

A friend posted a video of me dancing online, and now I'm no longer Alicia Ruffino. I'm dancergirl. And suddenly it's like me against the world—everyone's got opinions.

My admirers want more, the haters hate, my best friend Jacy—even he's acting weird. And some stalker isn't content to just watch anymore.

Ali. Dancergirl. Whatever you know me as, however you've seen me online, I've trained my whole life to be the best dancer I can be. But if someone watching has their way, I could lose way more than just my love of dancing. I could lose my life.

3 Stars

dancergirl is a cautionary tale of what could happen when your face goes viral on the internet – Alicia Ruffino gets a stalker. The problem with cautionary tales is that they all end up feeling the same – like an after-school special from the 90s.

Alicia’s passion is dance, but once she realizes she has a stalker, she freezes up and doesn’t want to give him more ammunition. Her friends rally around her to learn the identity of the stalker. It doesn’t take long before Alicia sees her stalker on every corner and in the eyes of every classmate.

While I found the story interesting enough to finish in a single sitting, I can’t help but feel preached to after having finished it. The novel definitely had a moral tone to it, and I’m a little curious to see how the rest of the series will play out.

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