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The Marquess of Cake by Heather Hiestand – Review & Giveaway (Blog Tour Stop)

November 8, 2013 Blog Tour, Giveaways, Review 5 ★★★

The Marquess of Cake by Heather Hiestand – Review & Giveaway (Blog Tour Stop)

The Marquess of Cake by Heather Hiestand – Review & Giveaway (Blog Tour Stop)Release Date: July 4, 2013
Title: The Marquess of Cake
Series: Redcakes #1
Author: Heather Hiestand
Pages: 234
Publisher: Kensington Books
Source: Publisher Provided
From the Publisher: Coffee…tea…or a pastry chef sweeter than any confection…

Scotch trifle fit for Queen Victoria, scones with clotted cream…Alys Redcake knows the way to a man’s heart. Yet she is unaware that with each morsel—and flash of ankle—she is seducing the handsome marquess frequenting her father’s tea shop. Unmarried at twenty-six, Alys’s first love is the family business. But thoughts of the gentleman’s touch are driving her to distraction…

With his weakness for sugar, the Marquess of Hatbrook can imagine no more desirable woman than one scented with cake and spice. Mistaking Alys for a mere waitress, he has no doubt she would make a most delicious mistress. And when he finds himself in need of an heir, he plans to make her his convenient bride. Yet as they satisfy their craving for one another, business and pleasure suddenly collide. Will Hatbrook’s passion for sweets—and for Alys—be his heart’s undoing?
3 Stars

I had such yo-yo feelings about this book while I was reading it. Before I started it, I thought I would adore it. But then I actually started it and came pretty close to putting it down without finishing it. But by the end, I realized I enjoyed it and was glad I stuck it out.

It just wasn’t really what I expected.

Alys works in her father’s bakery and tea shop. She meets the Marquess of Hatbrook one day when he pops in for a quick treat.

And then many pages are spent where Alys’ father bemoans her station and fires her from the bakery because a lady shouldn’t work (you must understand that while Alys was raised to be a hard worker, her father is now a much higher station in society – he’s even been knighted – and her younger sisters were educated as ladies). And the Marquess spends most of his time whining about food (he’s hypoglycemic in an age where that word doesn’t exist yet) while nursing one heck of a sweet tooth.

But between all of the fighting and whining, something positively delightful happens.

Alys and the Marquess fall in love (this is a romance novel after all!).

And it was beautiful to watch. I had hoped for something steamy and intoxicating (there was scene in particular that does fit the bill, in a bathtub no less!) but instead we got the slow burn (very slow in parts).

It was an enjoyable romance, especially if you enjoy your romance on the lighter side with lots of extra details about life. This one doesn’t just go straight for the bedroom. In many ways, it was almost a cross between a historical and contemporary romance.

Check it out – especially if you have a sweet tooth! And don’t miss the sequel, One Taste of Scandal, coming December 5, 2013!

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