Author: Jane Tara


The Happy Endings Book Club by Jane Tara – Review

January 22, 2014 Review 3 ★★★

The Happy Endings Book Club by Jane Tara – ReviewRelease Date: December 1, 2013
Title: The Happy Endings Book Club
Author: Jane Tara
Pages: 182
Publisher: Momentum Books
Source: NetGalley
Available: Barnes and Noble | Kobo | iBookstore
From the Publisher: This Christmas, the women of the Happy Endings Book Club are about to uncover a world of love and magic as they discover how to have their own happy ending … or beginning, as they're often the same thing.

Once a month, seven very different women come together to discuss books. They all love a happy ending, but have lost sight of how to get their own. Paige misses glimpsing the magic in the world. Sadie doesn't see the beauty inside people. Amanda wonders what she ever saw in her ex husband. Tilda literally can't see herself. Michi can't bear looking at her family, while Clementine is blind to what's right in front of her. And Eva looks for romance in all the wrong places.

But things are about to change ...

Meet the women of the Happy Endings Book Club as they celebrate Christmas, and themselves, in London, Paris, Vienna, New York, Sydney … and in love.
3 Stars

There was quite honestly nothing about this book that was what I expected. I chose it because I thought it was about a book club – about women who love to read and the times they come together to share their love of books and cultivate friendships.

Boy was I wrong.

It was an odd mixture of the paranormal (in this world fairies exist and people can be diagnosed with invisibility) and the mundane. I was most definitely not expecting the paranormal when I picked up a book about a book club!

The stories (as it wasn’t a cohesive whole – each woman got her own story) were good. They weren’t great, but I was entertained on a quiet morning.

If you’re a fan of “chick lit” – especially with a bit of a paranormal twist – then you would enjoy this one. Jane Tara does offer some insight into shifting your perspective so that you can see the world through your own happy endings. I enjoyed the little life lessons that she imparted through each woman’s story.

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  • Random Book MusesThis book is weird. That’s my opinion, and it’s not to say the book is bad, because it’s not. The book is well written and clever; it’s just the quirkiest, oddest book I’ve ever read.
  • Book’d Out: … it feels disjointed and forced at times, emphasised I think, by the contrast between the fantastical and mundane elements, which I didn’t feel really worked with one another.
  • Nightly ReadingThis book just warmed my heart, I laughed out loud and teared up but one thing is certain I sure felt warm and fuzzy after reading this little gem.