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Definitely Naughty by Jo Leigh – Review

December 27, 2013 Review 0 ★★★★

Definitely Naughty by Jo Leigh – Review

Definitely Naughty by Jo Leigh – ReviewRelease Date: July 30, 2013
Title: Definitely Naughty
Author: Jo Leigh
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: NetGalley
Available: Barnes and Noble | Kobo | iBookstore
From the Publisher: Single Gal Seeks Naughty Inspiration

Aubrey Hayes @windowUndresser

Window dressing at Le Muse lingerie = best job ever. LOVE. But must design The Ultimate Window Display Of Hot Sex before Xmas. #panic 24h

A Hot Guys Trading Card just fell from the sky. Could this beautiful piece of man be my muse? It's raining men. #hallelujah 23h

OMFG, Detective Liam Flynn even hotter in person. May explode into a million pieces of lusty lady bits. #HandcuffMeNow 15h

It's on. Have convinced the uber-hot cop to be my naughty muse until Xmas. Two weeks of sex, here I come! *ahem* 14h

Muse Plan already working. Creative juices flowing. And Detective Liam Hotness is the best "inspiration" ever. Owe the Fates BIG time. 8h

But I only have him until Christmas. Keep it together, Aubrey--and DON'T fall for him. #SexNotLove 3m
4 Stars

Confession time. When I picked this book from Netgalley, it was because between the cover and the “Cosmo Red Hot Reads” emblazoned on said cover… I thought it would be something in the erotica genre.

It wasn’t.


So I had to adjust my expectations, so that I wasn’t disappointed. Because when you go into a book expecting erotic scenes and you don’t get them – disappointment definitely arises.

I took a step back and looked at it through the lens of romance instead of erotica and then suddenly everything was much better.

Aubrey is the window designer for Le Muse lingerie store (in Manhattan) – and it’s Christmas time. This window is a big fucking deal. She’s freaking out and doesn’t have a single piece of inspiration for the scene when a Hot Guys Trading Card falls from the sky literally into her hand. And suddenly, inspiration strikes – this man must be her muse! So she calls him up and proposes a deal: all the sex he wants until Christmas so that she can be inspired.

“I mean, all I really need from you is lots and lots of sex.”
His next words vanished from his mind. As did most of his working brain cells. “What’s that you say?”

What guy in his right mind would turn that down?

Detective Liam Flynn almost does.

But he agrees and I do have to admit – for a book that’s not erotica, the two of them do get a bit steamy.

But there’s more than passion between the sheets for these two – and it gets to be a little too much for Aubrey. It’s totally cliche but what good would a romance be if the hero or heroine didn’t tuck tail and run so that we could enjoy a good session of make-up sex at the end?

What Others Are Saying:

  • Harlequin JunkieDefinitely Naughty is a fun, quick romance with lots of sex appeal. Jo Leigh has written this with a decidedly Manhattan vibe, all witty and smexy, which I enjoyed.