Author: Lindsey Brookes


Kidnapped Cowboy by Lindsey Brookes – Review

August 9, 2013 Review 1 ★★★

Kidnapped Cowboy by Lindsey Brookes – Review

Kidnapped Cowboy by Lindsey Brookes – ReviewRelease Date: February 14, 2013
Title: Kidnapped Cowboy
Author: Lindsey Brookes
Pages: 380
Publisher: Self-Published
Source: NetGalley
Available: Barnes and Noble
From the Publisher: After countless attempts to speak with the owner of the retreat for troubled teens she runs on the outskirts of Lone Tree, Montana, Caitlin Myers resorts to kidnapping Brandon ‘The Ogre of Lone Tree’ Barnes in a desperate attempt to change his mind about turning Stoney Brook into a vacation resort for the wealthy.

Retired rodeo star, Dalton Barnes, gets the surprise of his life when he’s abducted by a soft-spoken female with a ‘gun’ and taken to the retreat his family owns. He soon learns she’s kidnapped the wrong cowboy by mistake. She wanted his brother. Things go from bad to worse when a late spring snowstorm strands them together at the cabin. But it’s during their snow-in that Dalton learns why Caitlin has gone to such lengths to save Stoney Brook. Having had issues with his older brother himself and a not so happy past, Dalton promises to do what he can to help her.

When confronted Brandon tells Dalton he’ll hold off on his plans for the retreat, but only if Dalton agrees to stick around and help run it. Keeping his promise to Caitlin, Dalton agrees and what starts out as a common goal to turn the troubled teens’ lives around that summer ends up turning theirs around as well. Can a man who has always avoided putting down roots and a woman with a deep-seated fear of abandonment hang on to the happiness they've found together? Or will the past return to threaten their new-found love?

Love, laughter and a heartwarming read…
3 Stars

This book has one really great thing going for it – the cover. Because my oh my, that cover is pretty awesome.

But the book is nowhere near as steamy.

There’s not one single steamy scene. There are some hot kisses, don’t get me wrong. But we all know that we read good romances because we like to read hot and sexy bedroom scenes. Great and epic love stories are amazing – but save those for the big screen romantic comedies. I’m not saying I want to read hardcore erotica either, but give me something to fantasize about here. This book gave me nothing. The first time Dalton and Caitlin made love faded to black. No joke. It was the kind of scene you would expect to find in a book that censors sex, not a romance novel.

The story itself was cute. It’s what made me pick it up in the first place and why I stayed relatively engaged until the end. It was, of course, completely far-fetched. What kind of man would let a tiny woman kidnap him when it was obvious she had no idea what she was doing? And she used a curling iron for goodness sake! Completely unrealistic, but it was, of course, setting up the story and showing us the kind of man Dalton was.

Watching the two fall in love was fun. Watching Caitlin fight it was not. Knowing both sides of the story and watching her jump to conclusions made me want to reach through the pages and slap her silly.

Ultimately, I finished it because it wasn’t a bad story. It just wasn’t a great one.