Tempting the Cowboy (Paint River Ranch #1) by Elizabeth Otto – Review

October 25, 2013 Review 1 ★★★★

Tempting the Cowboy (Paint River Ranch #1) by Elizabeth Otto – Review

Tempting the Cowboy (Paint River Ranch #1) by Elizabeth Otto – ReviewRelease Date: October 14, 2013
Title: Tempting the Cowboy
Series: Paint River Ranch #1
Author: Elizabeth Otto
Pages: 216
Publisher: Entangled Indulgence
Source: NetGalley
Available: Barnes and Noble | Kobo | iBookstore
From the Publisher: After taking a job on a quiet Montana dude ranch, ex-cop Rylan Frederickson finds herself surrounded by unbelievably sexy cowboys. Too bad the one she wants is her boss...and the single dad of a four-year-old. It doesn’t matter anyway, because after a recent tragedy, there’s simply no more room in her heart.

Letting a new woman into their life is the last thing Cole Haywood wants for him and his daughter, Birdie. But as Rylan’s presence at Paint River Ranch breathes new life into his family he can’t ignore his growing attraction.

When the sparks between them turn into fireworks in bed, Rylan’s torn between the family she’s lost and the one she may have found. Now she must decide if something that feels this good is worth the risk.
4 Stars

I couldn’t help but laugh at this one because – while it is contemporary – it evokes imagery of the stereotypical romance with the damsel in distress protagonist and the cowboy hero on a ranch. And while Rylan is an ex-cop, she is very much a damsel in distress because of life circumstances. She needs someone to love her and take care of (but not necessarily romantically).

Rylan’s character was heartbreaking to me. She was obviously going through PTSD, but she kept everything so internalized that no one around her really knew what was going on. I do that a lot, which is why people just think I’m mean and really don’t understand what’s really going on. Cole never really saw Rylan for who she was. His family did, and the other employees at the Ranch did – but Cole didn’t. They had passion and fire and chemistry, but… the “insta-love” fell slightly flat for me because he didn’t see HER.

And Rylan was a woman who needed to be seen. Elizabeth’s portrayal of her was nothing short of incredible. Usually I think of romance novels as nothing more than fluff, but I found myself pretty emotionally attached to Rylan. Her grief and pain were real. When she was fighting with herself to keep Cole’s daughter Birdie at a distance while simultaneously falling in love with her, my heart cracked right with hers.

We don’t get as much of Cole’s backstory, and that may be why I find more fault with him. I know why – and understand why – he finds it hard to trust. I adored the fact that he put his daughter first above all else. But what happened at the end of the book – the climax, if you will, is almost unforgivable to me. It has to do with Cole not trusting Rylan and not seeing her for who she is. It was, of course, tied up in a neat little bow the way romances are supposed to be and I finished reading with a smile on my face.

That’s the way you’re supposed to feel when you finish a romance – satisfied and happy. And I was. Tempting the Cowboy was a good book with a terrific heroine. I may not have enjoyed all of the plot points and found the dashing hero to be flawed – but where’s the fun in having a perfect man?

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  • Harlequin JunkieWow, this is an amazingly heartfelt read. While devouring this story in less than a day, I experienced every emotion known to woman; I laughed, cried, got angry and even panted from the steam created by Rylan and Cole.
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